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I'm Lily. I'm 20 years old. I live in Tennessee. Lil' bit Southern, but my home is in the Dominican Republic. I love Jesus, warm weather, and laughing until my sides hurt.

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I miss you, tumblr.

I’m okay with me.

I have a lot of things to be better at, but I enjoy who I am right at this moment.

What I Think When People Ask, "Should I Be A Writer?"


My dad, as I have mentioned before, is a career artist who’s raised a family with his work, but also someone that wouldn’t readily recommend pursuing a career in the arts. I think he understands in a big way what I am just now starting to realize, which is the varying levels of “making a living”…

I haven’t posted on this blog in months, but I was reading through Chelsea’s blog (a wonderful writer who’s made a name for herself by being honest to herself, imho) and I read this post.

And it was hard. It was difficult to swallow, because I feel this fear every day of my life, and I’m not even out of college yet. My major relies on me to stay relevant and on my society-scrutiny game 24/7. I can’t go off the grid. I can’t be the last on the bandwagon. I have to be the first and be good at telling others.

Any writer who will sacrifice their “art” for a practical career knows what I’m talking about. 2014 is not the easiest time to be a writer/journalist. It becomes more cumbersome every day because everyone else has the tools to do the same thing you do and the only difference between the two of you is that you’re asking for money in return. A degree will only get you so far.

But that being said, I think the act of taking the risk in the first place, to try and build a creative career for yourself is deserving of merit. The guts and passion it takes to disregard the multitude of possible setbacks is more courageous than the “dignity” to not sacrifice art for life.

Godspeed to my fellow writers out there. And may potential employers see the real courage in what you’re doing.

No truer yet dumber lyrics have been written than those of Futile Devices by Sufjan Stevens.

You’ve crossed the twee line with that one, Sufjan.

I remember once when I was in high school, I really liked this guy, and he was the artsy/hipster kind, so for some reason when he asked me what I was doing one day, I told him I was making a flower crown for my cat.

It’s okay to hate me. I hate me.

My favorite spelling error has to be “finance”

A close second is “defiantly”

small update

For those of you who only follow me on tumblr:

- I still love One Direction.

- I’m still banking on that writing career.

- Oh but I also want to go to culinary school after getting my undergrad.

- I’m going back to the DR for three months on a discipleship type deal.

- I’m pretty sold on Jesus and I’m not sure what will be of me if that ever changes.

- I’m almost trilingual.

- I’m still funny.



This kitten has seen some serious stuff


This kitten has seen some serious stuff